Stamp Chop
Handwritten a Heartfelt
Letter to be open in Year 2024.


Build your beloved Memory.

Imagine sitting with your child the day before their Graduation and he/she asked “How hard was it to raise me?”

Suddenly life flashes before your eyes, those moments where those little lives depend on you and now they’re all gone.

You remember the times you wish it could be fast-forwarded and they could grow out of their neediness, and when the day finally comes, you wish you could re-live those moments once more. Yet, until someone invents a Time Machine that works, a Time Capsule is the next best thing to Preserve those Memories. It’s something filled with present day things; such as photos, notes, saying with your kids, children achievement and etc, to be opened in the future.

Forget about how advance technology has brought us to. Handwritten a heartfelt letter for your child to be open in Year 2024. Record important details of their lives and unique experiences, save meaningful memories before it’s too late. What milestone moments would you like to treasure in your Time Capsule?

Different Stages of Life

Preserve the Memories

The Love of a Parent comes so differently at every different stage of a child’s life, but one thing that will never change is that they wish to ‘Preserve the Love’ they had for them as long as they live.


Pre-school children love to play, especially when their play activities involve ‘imaginary friends’. Record funny, crazy, heart-warming and witty things your kids say and do; so the memories don’t get fade away as they grow up.

School Age Children

Raising school age children can be awesome! They get excited to try new activities, participate on athletic events and celebrate over little accomplishments. Preserve their childhood with photos, notes, stories, photo-copies of their achievement, etc.


Everything to a teenager is about Privacy. Write down little notes of life’s advice, from love, friends, finance, and also wisdom of life, so that they could understand once they’re over their rebellious period.

Time Capsule

Now is your chance to be a part of history. Save all Milestone Moments.

Preserving the Memories is Priceless
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5” x 10” x 24”
7 Years
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