10 Years Anniversary - Loyalty Program* All size of safe deposit box with flat rate RM3,388.00* (*Inclusive Insurance Coverage RM15,000.00)

Safety Box Services

/per annum
Product Size Contract Duration 12 month 1 month

RM441.00* /per annum
5” x 10” x 24” 7 years*
(save RM2,040.00)
RM688.00 Not Available
Suitable for personal use in keeping valuables, memoirs and documents up to A4 size paper.

RM618.00* /per annum
10” x 10” x 24” 5 years*
(save RM1,658.00)
Loyalty Package Only Not Available
Ideal size for family use; a common box for storing and managing family's assets inventory efficiently.

Extra Large
RM1,029.00* /per annum
15” x 10” x 24”3 years*
(save RM430.00)
Loyalty Package Only* Not Available
Recommended for office and corporate clients where a larger capacity is required.
  • The New Price list will take effective on Jul 1, 2017
  • Loyalty Package Refundable Key Lock; Local: RM300 Foreigner: RM600
  • 12 month & 1 month package, please note that the price stated above refers to the rental fees only (excluding key deposit, insurance, agreement fees and etc...)
  • Large and Extra Large Box are only open to booking for LOYALTY PROGRAM Customer
  • Insurance Coverage per box goes up to RM1,500,000.00

What makes mySAFEBOX unique

What you pay is not just an empty metal box, It comes with High Security and Advance Techology giving you Peace Of Mind!



mySAFEBOX employs several extra layers of state-of-the-art security measures but these must remain confidential even from our customers to ensure the complete security of the facility.

And More...Interested?


What else?

We Are Fire Safe

According to the Malaysian Statistics Department, there are more than 5 million homes in Malaysia and more than 95% of them are not equipped with fire extinguishers. Thus, in previous year, and estimated amount of 30,000 fire emergency calls were received and an estimated of 6000 fire incidents were reported. Therefore, Fire-Resistance place for storage is very important for a house or office. Our entire vault room is reconstruct with Metal Plates, ensuring the safe deposit boxes installed in it is free from fire. In addition, we ensure that our wire casing, tables, chairs to be reconstruct with metal too.

We Are Flood Safe

Malaysia is situated in the tropics between 1 and 6 degrees north of the equator. It consists of two major regions; West Malaysia and East Malaysia. In general, Malaysia experiences wet and humid tropical climate throughout the year that is characterized by high annual rainfall, humidity and temperature. Therefore, Malaysia has a higher possibility to experience flood throughout the year. In fact, Malaysia nowadays are unlike the 80s or 90s, where rainfalls has to hit the ground for 3 days without stopping only it will cause flood. Today, all it need is just 30 minutes non-stop rainfall for Kuala Lumpur to be flooded. Thus, with a higher risk of getting flood throughout the year, we had prepare ourselves with locating our Safe Deposit Boxes at 2nd Floor, to prevent from flood and knowing your important documents and vaulable are well-protected right here in our premise.

Theft Prevention

Crime has been on the increase in Malaysia. This can be verified both by the rise in the index crime statistics and by the depreciation of the Public Safety Index in the Malaysian Quality of Life. Property crime which is the main contributor of the total index crime situation of the country is mainly made up of break-in theft indices. Of the total index crimes reported, break-in contributed to 49% and this was made up mainly of double-storey home property. Therefore, in an environment where the break-in and crime rate is on the uptrend due to fear of personal safety, we had fully utulize our safety features; like additional walls to prevent from drilling in and Gurkha Guards to monitor the entire premises 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Ensuring our premises is safe and knowing your items kept here is with Peace of Mind.

We Are Safe and Affordable

Fortunately, a backup storage location is not as difficult to find. A place free from fire, flood, theft and temperature control storage location with a minimum cost at only RM1.06 per day. Most importantly, we are providing with you more than convenience hour at 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You could access your documentaries, backups anytime, anyday, without worrying of rushing throughout office hours. You only need to decide what backup medium is suitable for your needs and what personal data files are truly critical.