Our Story our experience has taught us

The story of how mySAFEBOX begins at a dinner with 4 close friends. They were casually chatting away, which unknowingly led them to talk about their life experiences.

How mySAFEBOX began

Framing A Memory

tieOne of the friend, Mr Lau, first began talking about his story. He took out a framed memento of a tie inherited from his father. There were 3 items inherited by Mr Lau, namely a ring, a Pagol watch and a tie. In the past these were normally kept in old biscuit tins underneath the bed. When Mr Lau came to Kuala Lumpur seeking better job prospects, there was a break-in and the other two mementoes were stolen, leaving behind only the tie. He felt regretable over the loss of these mementoes and even visited pawn shops in the city hoping to recover the 2 lost mementoes. He regretted not keeping these precious mementoes in a safe deposit box just because they were located too far away from his house.

An Unfulfilled Wish

kooisAnother friend, Mr Kooi, too began his story. Mr Kooi’s grandfather was a soldier in the war and was awarded with a medal of bravery for putting his life on the line for the country. Before his grandfather passed away, he gave the medal of bravery to Mr Kooi’s father for safe-keeping. Mr Kooi’s father would constantly take out this medal to show him and relate the story of his grandfather’s exploits in the war. One day, Mr Kooi whole family decided to move to Kuala Lumpur. Mr Kooi's father not knowing what's living is like in the new environment and afriad that he might lose this precious medal, he decided not to bring it along with him and kept it in a safe deposit box in the bank. After settling in Kuala Lumpur, Mr Kooi’s father had constantly asked him to take this medal out so he can take a look at it again. However, with Mr Kooi busy work schedule, he was unable to do so. It was only until one day when Mr Kooi’s father had a serious fall and was warded in the intensive care unit in the hospital, Mr Kooi was once again reminded about this matter.

Mr Kooi then rushed back to his hometown but was unfortunately caught in a traffic jam. By the time he reached, the bank had already closed for the day. He had no choice but to return to the hospital empty handed and told his father he would go again the following morning. Regrettably, Mr Kooi’s father passed away that same night and he regretted not being able to fulfill his father last wish of seeing the medal again.

An Expensive Closet

expensive oneThe last friend, Mr. Tan, who used to be in the house renovation business, then added another a story that happened to one of his customer. That customer was a well-known tycoon in the city, and the tycoon built a strong room in the house. The tycoon felt that with the strong room and vault, he would be able to keep all his valuables and important items safely, just like in a safe deposit box, except that it will be in his own house. The vault was built with the latest technology using sophisticated security coding.

One day, while the tycoon and his family were on a overseas vacation, thieves broke into the his house and spot the vault. Fatefully, the tycoon and his family were home before the thieves left his house. The thieves threatened and forced him to open the vault, took all the valuables and locked his family inside the vault. Luckily they managed to escape unharmed.

After this scary incident, the tycoon refused to keep any precious possessions inside the vault and even left it unlocked thereby turning it into an expensive clothes & wardrobe closet! He learnt his lesson that storing valuables at home can cause such danger to his family. Now the tycoon keeps all his valuables in an external safe deposit box in the bank.

safebox sizes

Convenience + Security = PEACE OF MIND

Mr Gan, the founder and the current CEO of mySAFEBOX, then suggested establishing a business to operate safe deposit boxes in a housing estate which will be opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year employing state-of-the-art surveillance technology and professional security systems.

Due to rising crime rates and the shortage of safe deposit boxes in banks, this was a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity to provide peace of mind and convenience to users of this facility. Mr.Gan gave it much consideration and agreed to invest in the business. Thus the idea of mySAFEBOX was nurtured and evolved into a new concept in business models.

Business opportunities can come in many forms

sparkAs you can see, business opportunities can come in many ways and one of the most likely ways is through a meeting of minds, when a person has undergone certain experiences that can change his or her perception of life. When certain events happened only do we realize the importance of things in our lives. Like the bank’s safe deposit box which sole purpose is to safeguard our valuables – only then will we delve deeper into its aspects of location, operating hours and security.

There is a shortage of safe deposit boxes operated by banks all over the world. One has to wait for years to obtain a unit and it usually comes attached with many terms and conditions. The bank’s operating hours are inconvenient as they do not open during weekends and public holidays. Also some banks that do offer safe deposit boxes are located far from residential areas. This means to reach the bank’s safe deposit boxes one often has to deal with traffic jams and parking problems.

Mr.Gan has heard many personal experience of safe deposit box problems and realized how important it is to pick a good location and operate beyond convenient hours for safe deposit boxes rental services.