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mySAFEBOX Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 8th June 2005 as a private limited company under the Companies Act, 1965. mySAFEBOX Sdn Bhd commenced its operation on 8th September 2008 and it’s principally involved in the business of rental and service provider for safe deposit box and related products or services.

Mission Statement

mySAFEBOX would not reduced the percentage of crime rates or break-in in Malaysia, however, it can help by reducing the loss to the minimal by fully utilizing Technology and trained Gurkha Guards to protect customer’s property, in a place free from fire, flood and theft.


The premier independent safe deposit facility

Unlike banks, whose impose restrictive hours on clients who are unable to access to their boxes during working hours, we provide 24 hour 365 days of operation for busy clients to access to their important valuables / documents any time, anyday. It is an ideal solution for those who wants to...


Home Burglaries & Roberies

To Protect Your Family

With the rising crime rate of break-in and robberies; It is always wiser to divert the attention away from home by keeping your valuables in mySAFEBOX.

Treasure Valuable & Precious Belongings

To Protect Your Precious Belongings

We provides reliable storage for valuable & precious belonging, for those who cherished momento, for once they are lost it can never be replaced again.

Protect Personal Documents & Deeds

To Protect Personal Documents & Deeds

Insurance policies, property titles, will of trust, passport - are all personal documents and deeds that needed a secure storage place.

To Protect Confidential Documents

To Protect Confidential Documents

Confidential company records & other business data information are better kept in a safe deposit box to prevent against theft.

Disaster Prevention

Disaster Prevention

We never know when natural disaster may strike. Take preventive action by preparing a safe place for your important items.

To Skip Long Waiting List

To Skip Long Waiting List

Safe Deposit Box are very limited and most bank's safe deposit box are fully occupied. Sometimes, they come with high commitment in Fixed Deposit too.

Best Value

Best Value

A small investment in our safe deposit box will in return give you high value in security and round-the-clock service.

Peace Of Mind

Peace Of Mind

You can also sleep with Peace of mind knowing your valuables are safe and protected every second of the day.

For 24 Hours Convenient Access

24 Hours Convenient Access

A new innovative concept in safe deposit box - available access anytime of the day or night; so you can easily deposit / retrieve your belongings.


mySAFEBOX have the solutions