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Renting a bank safe-deposit box can help secure important personal documents, collectibles and family heirlooms. But it's important to make wise decisions about what goes in the box and to stipulate who has access to it.

You probably shouldn't put your will in a bank safe-deposit box, many people do keep their will in the box. In such cases, a court order usually is needed to retrieve it once the safe-deposit box holder dies.

Common Queries and Questions

Who can access my bank safe-deposit box when I die?

If you legally appoint a trustee to oversee assets placed in trust before you die, that individual also would have access to the safe-deposit box upon your death.
An executor or executrix that you designated to handle your estate after you die would get access to your safe-deposit box, It's possible to speed that process in Malaysia by having a "temporary executor clause" in a will, In such instances, the executor can obtain a court order quickly after your death to access the box while your estate is going through probate.

  • What is a safe deposit box? +

    A safe deposit box is a storage box or container that is kept within a security vault accessed only by the box owner. The box owner passes multiple layers of security by using a combination of code based card technology with a personal identification number (PIN) and unique keys. Two keys come with each box - both are handed over to the box owner upon signing the contract.
  • Is a safe deposit box necessary? +

    Safe deposit boxes are often a preferred choice when it comes to the security and safekeeping of valuables. With high crime figures, storing valuables even in a safe within the home is not desirable. For many people the cost of a safe deposit box is very small in comparison to what they risk, so they see renting a safe deposit box as a valuable addition to their own personal security and that of their assets. Additionally, using a safe deposit box can reduce the cost of insurance for content cover.
  • What type of valuables can I store in a safe deposit box? +

    Every individual will define what they consider their valuable possessions to be in a different way, for some people value will depend on the monetary cost of an object, for others it can be a priceless family heirloom that holds sentimental value. Below is a list of the typical type of objects stored in a safe deposit box: Passports, Gold and other Precious Metals, Jewellery, Art, Computer back up discs, Data Storage, Important paperwork such as share and bond certificates, Insurance documents, Collections such as stamps, coins, antiques, Professional Qualification Credentials, Wills, Birth Certificates, Property Deeds, Military Medals, Important keys, Marriage Certificates, Wedding Video, Family Photographs, Memorabilia, Partnership Documents, Cash, etc.
  • How can I rent a safe deposit box? +

    It is simple and easy to open an account with mySAFEBOX. You will choose your desired box size, we will require proof of identity in the form of an ID or a passport and you will be asked to complete a contract and agree to our terms and conditions. Once you have paid the total amount due your box rental agreement begins. If you are interested in more details, please can contact us in person, on the telephone or via internet, our facilities are open and staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our staff speak several different languages.
  • How long can I rent a box for? +

    The standard rental period is based on a 12 month rolling contract. However, we are able and happy to accommodate rental periods of weeks, days or even hours.
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 Plan A Basic Top-Up  (MYR)
Sum Insured  15K  50K  100K  125K 150K
Annual Premium  60 125  252 330 400
Processing Fee 0 20 20 20 20
Total Premium 60 145  272 350 420

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