Results from the Expat Survey on Crime in Malaysia

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The Expat Group recently conducted a survey to gather resident expats' views on and experiences with crime in Malaysia. We present here the results and analysis of the survey.

There has been a lot written in the newspapers about the rising crime rate in Malaysia, which does not align with reports from the police showing a decline. We decided to try and obtain resident expats’ perspective on this issue. Our survey results indicated that expats generally feel the situation is getting worse, not better.

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Selangor police: Most break-ins target double-storey terrace houses

“However, most of the house break-ins are committed by opportunistic criminals who are from the area,” he told reporters yesterday during the Bandar Puteri Community Security Carnival held near the Puteri 7 police station in Puchong.

He said he had attended numerous community functions to remind house owners to be vigilant in securing their homes.

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Holiday Tips for Safety

With the holidays rapidly approaching, our thoughts turn to buying, giving and receiving gifts, visiting friends and family, and sharing delightful culinary experiences. But the holiday season also brings an unwanted present; increased crime. Stores, malls and downtown streets teeming with unsuspecting shoppers. People rushing around, stressed out and careless, looking for last-minute gifts, trying to get everything done. It’s enough to make a crook giddy with holiday joy.

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