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Safe Deposit Box FAQ

When it comes to protecting your Life’s Story, you want to make sure you’re informed. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions about Safe Deposit Box rental services to help.

Your Concern Before Registration

What is Safe Deposit Box?

A safe deposit box is a storage place that Protect your Life’s Story held within a highly secure safe or vault where only authorized users are allowed access.

What documents do I need to register an account?

You just have to bring along your IC (Malaysian) or Passport (Foreigner) for first-time registration.

Does mySAFEBOX only has 1 branch?

Yes, mySAFEBOX only has 1 branch located at Seri Kembangan operating 365 days for your convenience. You may locate us via Google Maps or Waze through “MySafeBox Sdn Bhd”.

>> Google Map
>> Waze

What are your operating hours?

For customer service counter we’re open 365 days for your convenience from 8 AM – 8 PM. Once you register as customer you may enjoy the service 24 hours.

Can I access my Safe Deposit Box 24 hours?

Yes, you may access your Safe Deposit Box 24 hours, please take note how 24 hours work.
Customer Service Counter – 8 AM – 8 PM (Mon – Sun)
Access to Safe Deposit Box – 24 Hours (Strictly serving by appointment only after 8 PM)

What are the Box Sizes that you provide?

We provide 3 different sizes to Protect what Meant the Most to You with Convenience, Security and Privacy. Check out which size fit you best with Rate Protected up to 7 Years!
>> Happy Family (Medium)
>> Successful Professional (Large)
>> Established Business (Extra Large)

Does the Safe Deposit Box come with Insurance Coverage?

Each Safe Deposit Box comes with RM 15,000 insurance coverage.
You can choose to top-up to RM 50,000 / RM 150,000 and RM 200,00 (L, XL) by purchasing additional coverage.

Do I have to declare the items I keep in my Safe Deposit Box?

No, the items in your Safe Deposit Box comes with total privacy. You do not have to declare to us or any 3rd Party on the items you keep in the Safe Deposit Box as long as it’s legal!

Is my name as customer being shared to any 3rd Party?

No, your identity is not and would not need to be share to any 3rd Party.

Can anyone else such as the police or law enforcement agencies access my Safe Deposit Box?

No other person can access your Safe Deposit box unless they are authorized by you. The exception to this access is only when a court order is presented.
>> Fill up the authorized user detail here

Can I store Cash in the Safe Deposit Box?

Any item in your Safe Deposit Box is private and confidential, you do not need to declare what is being kept inside your Safe Deposit Box.

Can I keep my will in the Safe Deposit Box?

Yes, you can keep your will in the Safe Deposit Box because each Safe Deposit Box has an authorized Beneficiary. The Beneficiary can retrieve the items in the Safe Deposit Box after the Hirer passaway inclusive of the will.
>> Fill up the beneficiary detail here

Your Concern For Registration Banner

Your Concern For Registration

How do I register for a Safe Deposit Box in mySAFEBOX?

Just make an appointment on when you’d like to register and we’d reserve the Safe Deposit Box size for you. Remember to bring along your IC / Passport and the users you’d like to authorize to register. Only register users can access to the Safe Deposit Box.
>> Fill up the registration form here in advance

How many users can I register into each Safe Deposit Box?

Each Safe Deposit Box is allowed to authorize up to 6 users for your convenience.
Only authorized users by you can access your Safe Deposit Box.
>> Fill up the authorized user detail here

Your Concern As a Customer Banner

Your Concern As a Customer

Who can access to my Safe Deposit Box when I pass away?

Upon registration on your Safe Deposit Box, you’ll be requested to fill up the Beneficiary Particulars. Only authorized users by you can access to your Safe Deposit Box when you’re no longer around with your own Beneficiary designation. All you need to fill up is the Beneficiary’s Full Name as per IC and IC number.
>> Fill up the beneficiary detail here

Can I put my children under the age of 18 as Beneficiary?

Yes, you may. However, you need to fill in a Guardian Particular for Beneficiary below 18 years old.

How many keys are there for each Safe Deposit Box?

Each Safe Deposit Box only comes with 2 keys, nothing more and nothing less.

What happen if I lose my keys?

If you lose your keys, we will have to replace a new lock under your witness.

What are the procedures to Replacing my Safe Deposit Box Keys?

In order to replace a new lock, Customer needs to attach a Police Report mentioning about “Lost Keys” in the report. Only than the Customer Service will make arrangement with the Safe Deposit Box contractor to replace the lock.
The Customer must be presence in the replacement of the new Safe Deposit Box Lock together with the Safety Manager and the contractor.
Replacement of lock may take up to 14 days, depending on contractor availability.

If someone has stolen my Safe Deposit Box key, can they access to my Safe Deposit Box?

No! unless they’re authorized by you for access to your Safe Deposit Box, anyone that comes with your key would not be able to access your Safe Deposit Box.
However, in the situation that you lose your key, we recommend you to change your lock immediately!

Protect my Life’s Story Today

Balik Kampung Selamat - Rumah Selamat

Community crime prevention
is a team effort

Balik Kampung Selamat – Rumah Selamat is a local Campaign that aims to create more awareness among the care of the neighborhood Police for members of the public who plan to return to their hometown during the festive holiday, organized by the local Police force.

As part of the community, we are always looking forward to a Safer Malaysia therefore as part of our CSR’s mission, we aim to help the neighborhood live in a safer and more secured environment.

HOL Food Bank

Provide much more than meals

House of Love has also been extending their care and love further to another 400 children from 300 lower income families who may not have access to healthy food or good medical careby helping them with food aid, provisions, counseling and their children’s education through HOL Food Bank program every month. 

This charitable activity aims to reconstruct enthusiasts with love and care and improve the Safety of Our Community by providing 60% of their Monthly Need in terms of food because people faced by huge hardships would always choose reality over morality. Join us on our CSR’s mission by participating in the HOL Food Bank program once a month in helping them distribute the Monthly Need to the families in order to create a safer, more secured environment and better shared future. 

House of Love

Children of today would become
future leaders of tomorrow

House of Love was established with the mission to provide basic needs and education to children who are in need of protection, love, and attention by Dr. Joseph Pang and his wife Ms. Christine Lim with a group of 7 committee members in 2012 at Klang Jaya. It aims to provide a home-like atmosphere in order for the children to be able to call their own and also for them to grow up with healthy guidance spiritually, mentally, and socially. 

The children of today would become future leaders for their generation, therefore it’s important to nurture, guide and raise them through a safe and loving environment. Join us on our CSR’s mission of giving them help in raising the children for a better shared future.

Rainbow of Hope

Human Dignity has no nationality

Rainbow of Hope’s mission is to help children without documents by providing them basic needs and education. This center was founded by Sylvia Jeanes at Kota Kinabalu in 2003, and it currently serves 180 children aged between 6 – 16 years old.

She believes that through education, it can help make a person better. It will give the children a sense of purpose in life. She recalls that when they first set up the center, she received complaints about people’s belongings going missing in the neighborhood, but for a long time now they didn’t hear such complaints anymore.

Rainbow of Hope has nurtured a lot of undocumented children throughout the decade and witness their development with a change in positive attitude towards themselves and life in general. Join us on our CSR’s mission in helping the neighborhood live in a safer, more secured environment and better shared future.

Thank you very much for being a part of our journey of mySAFEBOX throughout the decade. Our little Safe Deposit Box Rental provider has gone through quite a few changes on the rules of the game over the past decade, and for those of you who see that we are just a Safe Deposit Box rental provider, I say yes.

Yes, we are. But for those of you who see we are just a Safe Deposit Box rental provider, I say, “Look back at your journey and see how far you’ve come since you started your career. Here’s your first set of Sales and Purchase Agreement of your first asset. Now see how your life’s story has defined you.”

A few years ago, our Guardian Angel shared one of her proudest moments at work, and it has stayed with me since. It was a few words of appreciation from a customer saying, “Thank you for keeping my things very safe, it allows me to travel around freely without worry”. And this is exactly the happily ever after we’re looking for everyday. No matter how many years pass, no matter how the world digitalized, “mySAFEBOX” is designed to help personnel, families, and businesses Protect their Story.

And just like the 3 unfortunate stories that sparked the idea of mySAFEBOX, I had my own story to preserve too. I saw how many lost things that were irreplaceable because they were ruined, stolen and/or misplaced. Therefore, we’ve adopted “Protect one Life’s Story” as our company’s mission and “One Story, One mySAFEBOX” as our vision. These words express our determination to use Security, Convenience and Privacy to protect each and every story.