We’re not defined by things.
But by moments.

For it’s the moments
in the things that we treasure.

We’re not defined by things.
But by moments.

For it’s the moments
in the things that we treasure.

mySAFEBOX was established in the fall of 2008 after hearing 3 unfortunate stories shared among 4 friends over dinner. Like everyone else, we have our own story to preserve too, we saw how many lose things that were irreplaceable because they were ruined, stolen and/or misplaced.

Therefore, we’ve adopted “Protect one Life’s Story” as our company’s mission and “One Story, One mySAFEBOX” as our vision. These words express our determination to use Security, Convenience and Privacy to protect each and every story.

The Stories that Spark
the Idea of mySAFEBOX

4 friends were casually chatting over dinner in Lau’s house and suddenly Gan was curious why he had a Framed Tie on the wall. 

Mr. Lau mentioned that Back in the early 90s like everyone else, I kept my valuables under the bed in old biscuit tins. Including the 3 inherited items from my father – a ring, a Pagol watch and a tie.

However, when I came to KL seeking better job prospects, it was unfortunate that there was a break-in only the tie remained. I regretted not placing these precious mementos in a Safe Deposit Box as they were located too far away from my home.  

Mr. Kooi added I have similar experience, except I did rent a Safe Deposit Box. My father has always enjoyed admiring my grandfather’s Medal of Bravery. Occasionally he would share stories of my grandfather exploits in the war. We hated his grandfather stories (jokingly)

When my family moved to KL, I felt insecure with the new environment, therefore I gathered everyone’s valuables and rented a Box in the bank, including my grandfather’s Medal. But soon my father often asked for the medal to reminisce but with my busy work schedules, I did not place that as my work priority.

Until one day, my father had an accident at home and was admitted into the ICU. I was once again reminded by him about the medal. I rushed to the bank immediately, but unfortunately it was closed for the day.

I have no choice but to return to the hospital empty handed. My father left his last words to me “It’s alright, get them tomorrow”. Regrettably, he passed away that night leaving an Unfulfilled Wish.

Mr. Tan added he has a story about Safe Deposit Box too. I’ve had a customer who love boasting on how unbreakable his strong vault was in his house using the latest technology.

One day, thieves broke into his home when they were on vacation, and indeed the vault was unbreakable. However, the thieves felt like there must be plenty of wealth inside to build such a strong vault in the house and waited for their return. While he was vacationing, the thieves vacation in his house and serve themselves some Maggi noodles too.

The thieves welcomed them home and forced him to open the vault by threatening to harm the family members, taking away all valuables. And locking the family inside the vault.

After the incident, he never kept valuables at home and turned the vault into a closet, which he now named – the Expensive Closet!

These 3 unfortunate experiences has spark the idea of mySAFEBOX to establish a Safe Deposit Box Rental Services to help Protect each and every story using Security, Convenience and Privacy.

mySAFEBOX 3 Core Values

Security always
a Priority

Customer Service
isn't just a department


Xue Ying Gan
Guardian Angel mySAFEBOX

Head of Guardian Angel

I had my own story to preserve too. I saw how many lost things that were irreplaceable because they were ruined, stolen and/or misplaced.


A little recognition goes a long way. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

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